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The 7 People You Can Buy a Handy Safety Knife for this Christmas

December 08, 2023


If you’re always on the lookout for unique Christmas stocking stuffers or gift exchange ideas, a Handy Safety Knife is the perfect choice. Here are some creative gift ideas for the people in your life who might love this handy tool:

1. The Gardener

Whether your loved one has a vegetable garden or loves to tend their landscape beds, the handy safety knife is a great addition to their garden tools. Use this knife to make pruning and harvesting flowers and vegetables a breeze!

Pair the Handy Safety Knife with a pack of native perennial seeds or heirloom vegetable seeds to give your gardener a new challenge once sowing season begins.

Discover more ways gardeners and landscapers can use the handy safety knife here.

2. The Fisherman

When the fisherman in your life goes out on the lake, the last thing he wants to do is spend cumbersome time hunting for scissors and untangling lines. The Handy Safety Knife speeds up the process of cutting fishing lines, giving back all that lost time to casting and reeling. It also takes up less space in your tackle box. 

Pair with new lures, a charter fishing trip, or a day of fishing for the two of you. 


3. The Hunter

Handy Safety Knife is a versatile tool that doesn’t take up space or contribute weight to your pack in the woods or by the lake. Among its many applications, your favorite hunter can use this knife to help you dress or skin a deer.

Pair with new camo gloves, hand warmers, arrows, or ammunition.

4. The Crafter

The Handy Safety Knife has been adapted for hundreds of different uses, but it was originally patented as the Handy Twine Knife to make cutting twine easy. If your crafter works with yarn or string for quilting, knitting, crocheting, or sewing, a Handy Safety Knife could be the perfect unique gift to add to their sewing kit.

Pair with a new sewing pattern, a gift card to a local hobby shop, or a giant bundle of yarn to keep them busy all winter long.

5. The Farmer

From vineyards to cows to rows and rows of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, or squash… No matter what you grow, the Handy Safety Knife can come in handy to make your harvest and workday go by in a flash. A Handy Safety Knife can help harvest fruits and vegetables, prune grapevines, loosen twine faster, open feed bags, cut netting, and more. Whatever the job, it’s always handy!

Pair with new work gloves, a favorite brand of hat, or some good boot socks.

6. The Mechanic

Believe it or not, our strongest blade can even cut wire. Mechanics love the versatility of the Handy Safety Knife, which keeps their hands free to tinker until it’s time to cut, and then the blade is right there.

Pair with a pack of grease rags or auto detailing products.


7. The New Gadget Guy or Girl

We all have one of these in our lives, the girl or guy who is always on the lookout for the latest shiny object. Probably your new gadget guy has not yet seen or heard of the Handy Safety Knife! New gadget girl is sure to find uses for our ring knife that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Pair with literally anything new and shiny. 

If your loved one doesn’t fit any of these descriptions, we’ve come up with Over 100 Ways to Use Your Handy Safety Knife, so no matter what they’re interested in, they’ll be able to find a use for this handy tool after they open their stocking Christmas morning. The only thing they won’t be able to use it for is to open the packaging it comes in… but after that, imagine all of the plastic ties, packaging, and impossible ribbons you’ll be able to slice through on Christmas morning with this ring knife on your finger! Order your HTK stocking stuffers today! 

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