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100+ Handy Ways to Use Your HTK

May 10, 2022

It might seem obvious that the Handy Safety Knife is a great tool for cutting, but are you really using your HTK to its fullest potential? Because you can wear it like a ring, your HTK is always handy for use indoors and outdoors. We’ve identified over 100 ways you could be using your HTK. How many ways have you found to use your Handy Safety Knife?

Around the Office

Opening Mail
Opening Packages
Breaking down a Box for Recycling

During the Holidays

Cutting Ribbon on a Gift
Wrapping Gifts
Taking the Christmas Tree off the Car
Cutting the Netting or Twine around a Christmas Tree
Removing Christmas Lights from around the Trunk of a Tree
Removing Burnt Out Christmas Lights from a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Opening Ties and Plastic Packaging on Christmas Morning

In the Garden Shed

Opening a Bag of Mulch
Repairing a Hose
Tying Sandbags
Slitting Open Sandbags When Finished
Cutting Weed Whacker Line
Untangling an Impossible Knot
Cutting Bird Netting over a Garden or Fruit Tree
Restringing a Patio Umbrella
Fixing a Hammock
Stripping a Length of Garden Hose to Use As a Makeshift Conduit for Burying Wire 

In the Kitchen

Opening a Case of Bottled Water
Slitting Open the Turkey Netting and Plastic Your Turkey (or Ham) Comes In
Removing the Rind from Bologna
Slicing Summer Sausage
Deveining Shrimp
Opening Food Bags
Cutting Twine When Tying Up Roasts/Chickens (for Butcher Shops)

For Home Maintenance

Repairing a Screen Door
Removing a Torn Screen
Cutting Electrical Tape
Cutting Duct Tape
Cutting/Stripping Electrical Wires for a Hookup
Running and Trimming Electric for Walkway Lighting
Cutting Indoor Carpeting
Installing Surround Sound in Your Home
Installing Sound System in Your Car
Opening a Bag of Water Softener Salt
Tighten Screws
Scoring Drywall, Plywood, Plastic, or Vinyl
Cutting Wires, Hoses, Seatbelts, etc. (Auto Mechanics)

For Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

Cutting Yarn
Cutting Nylon Strapping
Arranging Dried and Fresh Flowers
Making a Wreath
Cutting a Model Car or Plane from Its Frame
Sharpening a Pencil
Trimming Pipe Cleaners
Re-Stringing Instruments
Trimming Photos and Paper for Scrapbooking
Opening Toy Packaging
Trimming String for Embroidery, Knitting, or Crocheting
Trimming Scraps for Quilting 

For Planting and Harvesting

Installing Watering System around Flowers, Shrubs, and Gardens
Tying a Vine to a Trellis
Harvesting Tomatoes, Green Beans, Herbs, and Other Vegetables
Harvesting Grapes, Raspberries, Apples, and Other Fruits and Berries
Trimming Grapevines
Picking Wild Mushrooms
Cutting Fresh Flowers
Slicing Open the Plastic Pot Plants Come In
Loosen Root Balls
Pruning Plants
Fall Yard and Garden Cleanup
Trimming Plastic Ground Cloth or Vapor Barrier
Cutting Twine on Bales of Straw
Cutting Plastic Netting on Rolls of Hay
Pruning Small Leads on Plants and Flowers
Dethorning Roses
Dead-heading Spent Flowers 

In the Gym

Cutting down a Basketball Net after a Victory
Restringing a Tennis Racket
Cutting Cloth Bandages
Repairing Soccer and Volleyball Nets
Fixing Leather Baseball and Softball Gloves

By the Fishing Pond

Cutting a Snagged Fishing Line
Un-Shrink-Wrapping a Boat
Cutting a Line/Rope away from a Propeller on a Boat
Repairing Fishing Net
Making Your Own Fishing Net
Respooling Reels
Fly Tying
Cleaning and Gutting Fish
Cutting Any Type of Line
Making Leaders
Changing Lures 

While Camping and Hunting

Field Dressing an Animal
Setting Up Camp
Cutting Tie Downs
Cutting Rope
Constructing Natural Tools
As Part of a Survival Kit
Making Bow Strings
Setting Decoys
Skinning an Animal 


In the Manufacturing Plant or Warehouse

Cutting Pallet Wrap
Cutting Packing Tape
Cutting Truck Security Seals
Cutting Cable Ties
Industrial / Commercial Sewing
Burlap Bag Making
Opening Burlap Bags of Potatoes, Coffee, etc.
Opening Boxes for Restocking Shelves

With so many possibilities available, you should have a Handy Safety Knife in every nook and cranny in your home or business. Browse our products and order your HTK today.


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