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Nurseries and Landscapers: Why Your Workers Need the Handy Safety Knife

August 24, 2023

If you attended The Farwest Show in August (or any other trade shows this year) you saw a variety of new product concepts to improve your gardening operations. So many products, it may have been easy to overlook one particularly small but mighty gardening tool: the Handy Safety Knife.

The Handy Safety Knife is being used right now by thousands of gardeners, greenhouses, and landscapers to pluck, prune, pick, and trim millions of fruits, vegetables, perennials, and annuals. Here’s why:

The Handy Safety Knife Is a Safe Alternative to Paring Knives and Utility Knives

When you have to use pruners, scissors, or knives to manage plants, it’s easier to drop or accidentally slip and cut yourself. Since the Handy Safety Knife can be worn on any finger and puts the blade as an extension of your hand, the risks of accidental injury drop significantly.

The Handy Safety Knife Puts Less Strain on Muscles and Joints

We’ve all wrapped up a day working in the yard massaging aching muscles and joints after handling garden tools. Plus, ergonomic and repetitive stress injuries are among the most common hazards in greenhouses and gardening. 

The Handy Safety Knife’s ergonomic design and vinyl coating protects your hand muscles from stress, reducing the likelihood of repetitive strain like carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and trigger finger.

One of our 5-star reviewers had this to say about the Handy Safety Knife:

“Comfortable, Sharp, Can’t Go Wrong—Great product! I like how the dip in rubberized product makes for added comfort. I wear one of these all day while pruning and it is very comfortable.”

The Handy Safety Knife Increases Worker Productivity

If safety wasn’t the number one issue with pruning and picking, we might have branded our ring knife as the Handy Speedy Knife—you haven’t met a garden tool that speeds up your hand picking and pruning process faster!

Since you can wear the knife as a ring all day long, you never have to worry about where you dropped your knife or fuss around with a set of pruners jammed in your back pocket… or was it your other back pocket? 

The knife’s design doesn’t just allow you to be a quicker picker, it also makes you a precise pruner. Don’t do unnecessary damage to your plants with other clumsy tools when the ring knife can bring precision to your plant maintenance and harvest.

Quicker, Safer, More Comfortable Means More Time and More Money

A more efficient workforce in your greenhouse or garden, the more time your team has and the more profit you can pocket, or reinvest into your operations. 

These are the kinds of innovative products you sought out at Farwest Show… so why not order some to test run for your team? 

Order your Handy Safety Knives for Gardeners today.


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