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The 6 Handy Dads: Here's to You

May 31, 2023

Whether your dad is a father to many, father to one, adoptive father, or father figure, their love, presence, and dedication in your life is worth celebrating this Father’s Day. 

If you’re looking for a unique gift for dear old Dad to offset the standard tie or golf balls, a Handy Safety Knife set from HTK could be the perfect accompaniment for your father’s favorite hobby or household chore. 

Here’s a toast to all the different kinds of dads out there—have a Happy Father’s Day!

#1 The Handy-around-the-House Dad

Here’s to you, Mr. Honey-Do List, Mr. I-Can-Fix-It, Mr. Master of the Jerry-Rig! You haven’t found a household project that you can’t conquer. Your paint spraying, pressure washing, tile laying, pipe running, weekend bathroom renovating is enough to make the whole family grin with the cash you’re saving. The labor you give keeps the roof over our heads a sanctuary. You are a craftsman with that Craftsman drill set, monkey wrench, and hammer.  

Here’s a Handy Safety Knife for you, the one who knows how to hack any system and YouTube it if you don’t know it yet.

#2 The Lawn Guy Dad

Here’s to you, keeper of the greens, weedwacker of the brambles, fertilizing father of the fairway! We’ve never seen the grass greener on this side of the fence or the other. You keep the yard looking meticulous. Don’t lie, we know you love the long stretch of hours it takes to mow the back 40—the constant hum, the sun, and a cold can of something bubbly is just the way you’d spend every day, which is about how much it takes to keep this place looking like this. You take pride in your property, and it shows. You’ve edged and mulched your way into our hearts forever. 

Here’s a Handy Safety Knife for the man who knows how to nurture that bluegrass and disappear the dandelions.

#3 The Captain-of-the-Pond-Prowler Dad

Here’s to you, bass fishing, trout catching, walleye baiter, king of the lures and jigs! You are the delight of the lake at first light. Oh, most patient untangler of fishing wire, you deserve a medal for long suffering Sundays dodging wild casts and kids’ fishing hooks. You work hard all week just to find a spare second to contemplate life and stare at a bobber on the water. You can breathe out there. Thanks for teaching us to cast out for the big fish, wait for the tug of our heartstrings, and work hard to reel it in. The fight is worth it. With you, it was never about just fishing.

You’ve caught our hearts, hook, line, and sinker.

Here’s a Handy Safety Knife for you, the one who needs a little knife to cut out a catch-and-release and rescue tangled fishing line faster.

#4 The Corporate Accounts Dad

Here’s to you, suit wearing, shoe shining, briefcase carrying, weekday flying, sergeant of the sale. You keep the whole economy growing. You show us what it means to believe in yourself, climb the corporate ladder, exude confidence, and make a difference in the world of collaboration and communication. You’re providing business solutions to solve customers’ problems. Thanks for taking your competitive edge into every sales meeting and boardroom. Thanks for paving the way for our future.

Here’s a Handy Safety Knife for you, the one who could use a handy tool to keep up in this cutthroat world.

#5 The Classic Car Dad

Here’s to you, car show hunting, engine humming, oil changing, wax buffing, grease monkey. You know all the ins-and-outs of that old ‘67 or ‘78 or ‘92. You can recount every automobile you’ve ever driven, in order. Your gearhead gift sees the masterpiece in every metal machine, a wonder of human ingenuity. You’re still nostalgic for that first car, the Bumblebee or Roadrunner or Hummingbird… I know, I know, I still don’t know which bird your first car was named after. Thanks for forgiving me for my auto ignorance. Thanks for checking the washer fluid, changing the oil,  and filling the air in my tires. And yes, I’ll be careful and watch for cops on my way home.

Here’s a handy safety knife to help you with all those electric wires, twist ties, and duct tape.

#6 The Little League Coach Dad

Here’s to you, ball bag, bat bag, jersey bag, cone bag, helmet bag, uniform bag, get-the-field-set-up-fifteen-minutes-early dad of the little league team. This is bound to be your year. You’re building the foundation for future varsity athletes who will remember you as that one kid’s dad that taught him the right way to hold a bat, throw a ball, catch the pigskin, kick a goal, dribble, shoot, and celebrate. You’re developing dreams and character. Thanks for dealing with emergency authorization forms and team photos and other parents. Thanks for sacrificing every weekend and two weeknights a week to make sure I didn’t end up playing for some other bad coach’s team. Thanks for challenging, comforting, and cheering us on through both winning and losing seasons. You’re the reason we gave the game our all.

Here’s a Handy Safety Knife to help you repair gloves, fix nets, undo knots, and whatever else they’re asking you to do to make this league run these days.

And to all the dads we haven’t mentioned, there is a handy safety knife for you too! All fathers and father figures need to open, cut, grill, trim, prune, or slice something, and we’re confident you will find more than 100 ways to use your HTK. Happy Father’s Day! 

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