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Handy on the Job

When you’re on the job, safety and efficiency is the key. With Handy Safety Knife’®s patented design, customizable colors, styles, and sizes, you can be sure to have the variety you need along with a safe, easy-to-use tool for any onsite cutting job. The knife is made specifically for cutting twine, straps, and packaging. And with its wearable ring-style design, there’s no chance of holding up production searching for your tools.

Handy on the Job

HTK Three-Pack


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If you have been thinking about trying the Handy Safety Knife®, but just aren’t quite sure what style is for you, the HTK three-pack is the answer. 

Our three-pack options—Sportsmen, Gardener, and Industrial—will supply you with different varieties of band designs and blade styles.   Each three-pack will contain a small (sizes 8-11), a medium (sizes 12-15) and a large (size 16+) ring knife.    At a cost of $15 (that includes shipping for USA customers), the three-pack is a great way to sample our USA-made Handy Safety Knife and determine what styles work best for your cutting needs.

Its patented curved design and rugged, professional blade, make the Handy Safety Knife® the ultimate utility knife for any task, any day. 

Nursery, gardening, and landscaping professionals will find the safety knife ideal for pruning, cutting netting, and countless other tasks.  Farmers and home gardeners also find our Handy Safety Knife® a useful tool for many everyday jobs from cutting twine and cording to harvesting fruits, vegetables, and trimming plants.

The Sportsmen three-pack, which will include a Razors Edge® blade style, can be used for a task as simple as cutting fishing line to dressing game in the field.   For Industrial Pack users, the knife can safely complete tasks such as cutting boxes or stretch wrap, strapping, and wire.

Order your three-pack online or call us to discuss your specific cutting needs.  For international three-pack orders, please contact our office.

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