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Celebrate Six Kinds of Handy Moms

April 04, 2023

HTK celebrates all kinds of mothers this Mother’s Day—the women who birthed us and those who mother in other ways, providing support, encouragement, and a safe place. What kind of mothers are you celebrating this Mother's Day? Here are a few toasts to the mothers we adore.

1. The Green-Thumb Mom

Here’s to you, dead heading, thistle pulling, branch pruning, annual planting, vegetable picking, happy horticultural harvester! You work right alongside Mother Nature to transform a wild jungle into a backyard paradise. You are landscaping the way for the next generation’s pollinators to keep life alive on our planet. You brighten every day with your perennial beds and trimmed roses. Just look at that display! You are an artist. The herbs and vegetables you grow give spice to our lives. May there never be another weed in your garden bed or snail on your tomato vine. Thanks for the garden goose statue you’ve dressed up for the upcoming season. Thanks for the bouquets of fresh flowers. Thanks for growing our sustenance.

Here’s a handy safety knife for the woman who knows how to expedite a food and flower harvest.

2. The Crafty Mom

Here’s to you, scrapbooking, knitting, quilting, crocheting, cross-stitching, closet filled with craft supplies, singer of the sewing machine! You make all things hold together. You fear no hot glue gun or glitter. You invite tiny hands to tinker with pipe cleaners and water colors and hardly ever flinch about it, even when the markers bleed through onto your counter. Was there ever a woman who made as many people such personable presents? Thank you for making space for creativity and dreams. Thank you for blanketing our lives with your warmth and hand-sewn love.

Here’s a handy safety knife for you, the one who needs a little knife in every place she’s crafting, to keep her fingers moving fast.

3. The Business-Suit Mom

Here’s to you, briefcase toting, laptop clicking, email checking, commander of the boardroom! You balance your work-life on stiletto heels like you’re strutting down the catwalk. You’re a synergizing, exercising, deep diving, pivoting, wordsmithing, corporate jargon genius. Thanks for shattering that glass ceiling. Thanks for showing us what a powerful, competent, female leader looks like. Thanks for pursuing your dreams and designer purses.

Here’s a handy safety knife for you, the one who doesn’t have time to fiddle with a letter opener.

4. The Handy-in-the-Kitchen Mom

Here’s to you, dinner at six, taste this and tell me what you think, baking, boiling, sauteing, simmering, seasoning Queen of the Kitchen! You’re up at dawn packing lunches and frying eggs. You’re dropping everything to plan meals, buy groceries, and keep your kitchen stocked with late-night snacks and water bottles. You are always there when we need you, and when we need your food. You’re the keeper of the air fryer, crock pot, blender, stand mixer, and microwave, the finder of the lost knick-knack and gadget. Thanks for the plates of cookies. Thanks for the lectures about whether we’re getting enough to eat. Thanks for keeping us alive with the finest cuisine to ever come out of a kitchen.

Here’s a handy safety knife for you, the one who knows how to cut down the time of every task with efficiency and an egg timer.

5. The QVC-Channel Mom

Here’s to you, our gadget grabbing, Amazon deal watching, sale celebrating, coupon clipping,  I-found-it-on-the-clearance-rack-at-Kohls, shopping as a love language lady of the lifetime supply. You will never run out of anything. You’re the woman who finds just the right gift for every person in your heart and buys it. You make people feel remembered, thought of, and special with your impulse purchases. You were just thinking of us and this made you think of us and you just had to buy it, so here! Thanks for just thinking of us. Thanks for showering us with love in the form of new slippers, snuggies, and air purifiers that you got for 20% off and five easy pays. Thanks for the delightful surprises in our life. 

Here’s a handy safety knife to help you open all those boxes on your doorstep.

6. The Save-the-Planet Mom

Here’s to you, composting, glass and plastic and paper sorting, organic everything, home detergent making, environmentally conscious conservationist! You’ve made our house a safer and more sustainable place. You’ve taught us to reuse water bottles, eat leftovers, donate used shoes, and clean our plates. You waste nothing. Because of you, our planet might last another fifty, no, sixty years, or maybe longer! May your net-zero dreams come true. Thank you for modeling good planet citizenship. Thank you for teaching us the value of materials is nothing compared to the value of relationships. Thanks for making us pick up all that trash along the road that one day—because of you, we’ll never, ever, ever litter. Ever. 

Here’s a handy safety knife to help you break down boxes on recycling day.

And to all the moms we haven’t mentioned, there is a handy safety knife for you too! We know all mothers and mother figures are clever and resourceful by design, so we’re confident you will find more than 100 ways to use your HTK. Happy Mother’s Day!

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