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Handy in Nature

Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, every outdoors aficionado knows it pays to be prepared. With Handy Safety Knife®, you’ll always have the right cutting tool for the task at hand. From hides to lines, the Handy Safety Knife® can handle the job. Due to its compact and simple design, the Handy Safety Knife® is easy to stow away and just as easy to find again. 

With the Handy Safety Knife®’s unique ring design, simply slip it on your finger, get the job done, and tuck it away until next time.

Handy in Nature

Razors Edge® Knife

Pricing starts at $30.00 per 12 pack  |  SKU: RE-6

The Handy Safety Ring Knife offers you the convenience of a knife at your fingertips all day long. Never worry about repeatedly reaching for a retractable outdoor knife again! With a small but heavy-duty cutting blade, this all-purpose knife ring is ideal for a range of outdoor settings.

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Additional Product Details

Weight: 0.26875 lbs  |  Dimensions: 3.75 x 2.5 x 1.35 in  |  Product Overview (PDF)

Our customers asked us to create a Handy Safety Knife® that could allow them to more easily gain access into tougher materials they need to cut into — so we created the Razors Edge® Knife. The blade’s pointed tip and the straight edge make this our most rugged safety ring knife yet. The Razors Edge® knife blade is made from hardened stainless steel that will resist corrosion and stay sharp. Whether you are opening stretch wrap or a bag of mulch, cutting rope or electrical wires, trimming a piece of carpet or Linoleum, or untangling an impossible knot, the Razors Edge® knife will make the task easier. As the name implies, the Razors Edge® knife is very sharp and can cause injury if not used in a safe, proper manner — please use with caution and common sense. Available in sizes 4 to 18 for greater user comfort add a vinyl wrap.  

“Wear it like a ring, it’s always Handy®

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