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Will It Cut?

February 03, 2023

Let’s take the Handy Safety Knife through the “Will It Cut?” challenge. 

Birthday Party Panic

Your daughter just got a pile of dolls and plastic beach house furniture for her doll’s mansion, which you have to assemble… if you can only open all of these packages and their plastic ties. She’s begging and pleading, tearing at the wrapping paper, and you’re sweating. How are you ever going to get into all of these boxes before the tornado of pre-teens destroys the house?

Will your handy safety knife cut it? 

Why, yes, yes it will. Ring knife to the rescue! Birthday party saved.

Recycling Day Disaster

Wow, look at all those boxes from all of your recent online shopping therapy sessions. Your new slippers, portable juicer, and battery-powered neck massager are working wonders for your mental health, but the recycling guy is going to be so unhappy with that stack of unbroken down boxes. You don’t want to ruin his mental health either, but collapsing boxes takes so much time and energy, even with a good pair of scissors.

Wait. What about the handy safety knife you have tucked away in one of your kitchen drawers? Will that cut it?

By golly, would you look at that. Flattened boxes in seconds. HTK FTW!

Spring Cleaning Catastrophe

The sun is out, the grass is green, and the yard is showing signs of wear and tear after a long winter under cold and wet weather. In your frenzy to rid yourself of cabin fever, you’ve ordered everything—bags of mulch, replacement weed wacker line, a hose reparation kit (since you left it out to freeze in the garden), a new spray nozzle (see previous parenthetical), and brand new pruners that are secured to the cardboard by zip ties in 18 places. How exactly are you going to take care of all of these projects in the short amount of time this weekend?

With the handy safety knife on your finger, of course. Slash open that bag of mulch and hoist up your pitchfork, boys and girls, it’s time to get to spreading!

Fast Approaching Dinner Deadline

With your superhuman shopping skills, you just finished meal planning and carried in 15 bags of groceries after a long day at your treadmill desk answering emails and attending Zoom meetings. As your labradoodle sniffs and jumps for the wrapped ham. The humans who live in your house all recline in various lounge chairs with bowls of snacks balanced on their bellies and ask, “What’s for dinner?” 

Because your other superpower is advanced strategic planning, there’s a precooked, plastic-wrapped ham and two bags of frozen vegetables ready to toss in the microwave. What’s the one thing that can make this dinner come to fruition faster?

You guessed it. Slice open the ham and puncture those steamin’ peas. It’s dinner time, baby! 

Illumination Issues

The spring cleaning is done, but there’s still something missing from the picture in your mind of the perfect backyard barbecue. You know what would really brighten things up? Sidewalk illumination! Some of those fancy walkway lights you’ve seen at the hardware store would be perfect for the fourth of July party you’re planning. But how will you make sure the electric wires are run and trimmed properly without needing to go back to the hardware store for wire cutters?

Never fear, your handy safety knife is here. It can cut and strip electrical wires and cut electrical tape when you need that, too.

Harvest Time Headache

Wow, you weren’t kidding about that backyard garden project this year. Look at all of those fruits and vegetables, just waiting to rot because you don’t have the time to harvest all of them. That paring knife just isn’t cutting it. How many times are you going to accidentally stab yourself or drop it in the dirt before you give up? And those grapevines you planted aren’t going to trim themselves.

Phew, you just remembered you have a handy safety knife, and suddenly harvest time has turned from headache to heaven. 

Hook, Line, and Sinker Sanity Saver

Some great idea your wife had, sending you out with the grandkids for “bonding time” on your boat. She sees visions of happy children laughing and catching their first fish; you see nightmares of hooks caught in shirtsleeves and eyebrows, tangled fishing wire, and children screaming over the fish flopping on your boat floor. There has to be a better way to spend all day on a boat with brats… I mean, grandkids. 

Ah ha! Add your handy safety knife to your tackle box. Now, when all of your worst-case scenarios come true, you can remedy them with the quick flick of your wrist and move on to your wife’s vision.

Knitting Nightmare

Why is it that you can own fifty pairs of scissors but when you need them for your hobby projects around the house, there’s never a pair to be found? Toss a handy safety knife in every bag of yarn, scrapbook storage bin, and sewing kit, so the next time you get to work, you don’t have to stop to yell at your kids who look at you with innocent eyes and claim they have no idea what happened to the scissors. 

No one ever has any idea what happened to the scissors! But at least you’ve solved the cutting problem with your handy safety knife.

Shipping Dock Drama

Every single day, trucks pull up to the dock with another load of stuff to stock. Your hands ache like they’re developing early arthritis from gripping a utility knife all day. You sweat and worry, Do I already have arthritis? With both hope and dread you think to yourself, What if I can’t bend my fingers and someone has to feed me? In the middle of cutting open pallet wrap and packing tape, cable ties and burlap bags, you have a midlife crisis. You decide to buy a motorcycle, grow a mustache, and never use a utility knife again.

Lucky for you, the handy safety knife slides over swollen knuckles and relieves the need you have to keep that firm grip on life, I mean, a knife. Thanks to HTK, you not only keep your job, but find you can finish work even faster, making more time to ride the Devil’s Highway with Hells Angels.

Can you cut it? With HTK, you can. Order your set of handy safety knives today. 

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