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Handy in the Warehouse

February 10, 2022

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to shipping and receiving. The Handy Safety Knife is a vital tool to expedite the packing and processing of both outgoing and incoming shipments in warehouses.

What Is the Handy Safety Knife?

The Handy Safety Knife is a blade you wear on your finger like a ring. It comes in customizable sizes, colors, and blade types to adapt to whatever job you have in the warehouse, from cutting twine and tape to opening packages and unloading pallets. Warehouse workers love this tool because it is safe, ergonomic, disposable, and convenient, particularly for the individual who is positioned at a station that requires the same repeatable motion, like opening incoming packages or sealing outgoing boxes.

With multiple blade types, you can choose the appropriate blade for each person, department, or task.



The Ball Point Safety Knife: Perfect for Cutting Loose Twine, String, or Wires

The Ball Point Safety Knife provides protection from accidental cuts so that the wearer can move swiftly to cut twine, wire, ribbon, or string with one quick motion. No more hunting around for the misplaced utility knife—this knife is on your ring finger!

The Razors Edge Safety Knife: Fast, Sharp, and Efficient for Those Hard-to-Cut Materials

When the job calls for a sharper, more resilient blade, the Razors Edge Safety Knife is the right choice. This blade is perfect for cutting through shrink wrap, rope, and electrical wires as well as opening packages swiftly or even untangling a messy knot in the warehouse. As its name suggests, this particular blade is razor sharp and should be handled with care and common sense!

The Original Handy Safety Knife: Ideal for On-and-Off Warehouse Usage

For those individuals who move around from job-to-job throughout the day, the Original Handy Safety Knife provides the comfort, ease, and convenience of the Ball Point and Razors Edge. The Original blade has a blunt tip and is only sharp on the underside (cutting side). Slip it in your pocket while you’re taking care of other jobs that don’t require a knife, and as soon as you’re back at it, pop the Original Handy Safety Knife back on to get the job done! 

No matter what the job is in your warehouse, the Handy Safety Knife is an ideal and practical option for your shipping and receiving workers. Find the size and style you need and start making your workers’ lives easier, more comfortable, and safer.

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