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Using My Handy Safety Knife

August 03, 2021

From box cutters to chainsaws, some jobs demand a blade. Lucky for you, Handy Safety Knives are a great solution for those needing a safe and efficient multipurpose tool.

Ranging in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, the Handy Safety Knife is perfect for just about anyone and any job.

Even for My Garden?

Whether you are harvesting from a single plant, or an acre of bushes, this blade allows for harvesting with ease. 

After slipping the ring onto your finger, you can walk around the bushes and down your rows slicing your produce off those stubborn vines. 

The best part is, your hands are free and the blade is secure to keep you safe. You can pack up your basket of goodies without having to lay down a knife or worry about falling or cutting yourself on the blade.

Gone Fishing.

With the current warm weather, you may have spent a lot of time on the water reeling in fish after fish. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to wrestle open your pocket knife while holding your slippery catch to cut a stuck line. Not to mention, other outdoor activities: trimming twine or rope to hold tents, tie down equipment, remove vines from your hiking path...if you can use a knife, you can use a Handy Safety Knife. It’s even great as a hunting tool!

With this knife providing the handy feature of being a ring, you can safely leave it on the whole day for convenience. Say goodbye to opening and closing pocket knives and losing where you set them down and it’s easy to store close by. 

Perfect for Kids!

In addition to its safety feature, this knife also comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for your younger ones who may not be ready to carry a knife.

Feel better sending your kids off with their Boy Scout troops or on camping trips, knowing the engineering of the ring will keep them safe. 

No matter the simple cutting job, if you need a blade, Handy Safety Knife has you covered! 

Learn more about the ways you can use your Handy Safety Knife.

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