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Useful on the Farm, in the Garden Nursery, and for Landscaping

April 27, 2021

Spring is upon us, which means your farm, nursery, or landscaping company is in full swing! As your customers get ready to enjoy the season’s bounty, your employees will be working harder than ever. Providing them with tools designed to make their jobs easier, safer, and more efficient will not only help your business run smoothly, but give your employees the extra “spring” in their step that makes your company a great place to work.

Busy Season, Busy Cutting

Outside work requires a lot of repetitive tasks, especially when it comes to cutting. Whether plants, twine, plastic lining, or bags of seed and feed, something always has to be snipped, trimmed, or sliced open. Typical clippers, scissors, and utility knives pose risk for injury and the daily (hourly? every minute?) frustration of getting set down and misplaced.

Safe and Efficient

The HTK Handy Safety Ring Knife is worn like a ring, so your employees can work with the convenience of a knife right at their literal fingertips. With a sharp underside for heavy duty, efficient cutting, but a blunt tip that protects the body from those same sharp edges, your team can work with the peace of mind that they’ll stay safe. The ring design also decreases the chance of repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

More Benefits of Using the HTK Knife Outdoors

  • Multiple styles available for different kinds of jobs or preferences: the Original Safety Knife, Ball Point Safety Knife, Razor’s Edge Safety Knife, or HTK Three-Pack
  • Easy to organize. Color code with our vinyl wraps to sort by areas, tasks, sizes, uses, people, and more.
  • Easy to keep track of. Once you “put a ring on it,” you’re set for the work day. Your employees will never have to worry about repeatedly reaching for a retractable outdoor knife again! 

Whether baling hay or laying down plastic lining for summer crops,  your employees deserve tools that are safe, efficient, (and even fun!) to use. As a business owner or manager, you deserve to make the most of your time and resources with affordable solutions. Try HTK this season! 

No one knows your business like you do and no one understands better than HTK how safe and efficient tools can make a difference for your employees. Shop for the right ring knife for your nursery, farm, and landscaping needs at HTK.


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