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The Benefits of Starting Your Garden Indoors

March 09, 2021

Generations ago, growing your own fresh produce was a necessity. Today, you can always just run to the grocery store. But is that the best way to get the fruit and veggies you love?

Visiting your local nursery or garden center is an option, but how about getting a head start? By starting your own plants indoors or directly in your garden before spring planting, you can get a jump start on the season and enjoy gardening’s many benefits as well. 


Whether you use your kitchen window, mini-greenhouse, Winter Sowing containers, or other seeding technique, you will end up with much fresher, tastier produce than what you’d pick up at your typical grocery store. Without the stresses of early harvest pesticides, packing, transportation, and shoppers, your homegrown food will be literally just feet from your table. And what makes it tasty is better for the environment, too. 


There’s just no comparison. For the price of store-bought bell pepper, you can get an entire pack of seeds that will produce all season long. 

More Variety

When you shop for tomatoes at your store, you may come across one or two varieties. Starter plants at your garden center? Maybe five or ten, if you’re lucky. Open a seed catalog, however, and find dozens—hundreds?—of varieties in shape, size, color, and taste. It’s like being a kid in a tomato store! 

Good for the Body

Research continues to show that you don’t have to follow a strict fitness regimen to benefit from exercise. Even just 20 to 30 minutes of movement every day is good for your body. Depending on the day’s tasks, gardening provides light to moderate exercise without expensive exercise equipment or crowded gyms. Plus, it’s fun!

Good for the Soul

In these days of fast-paced, technology-driven responsibilities and stressors, it’s wonderful to get outside and connect with the cycles of seasons, weather, and growth. What is more rewarding than listening to the birds and breezes while harvesting your own meal or fresh-cut bouquet?

Even with all of gardening’s benefits, you may wonder if it’s worth the hassle, especially purchasing and keeping track of all those tools. Cutting tools in particular pose many challenges, such as causing injury to slippery fingers, fumbling from your gloves, and infamously “disappearing” every time you turn around. Most gardeners have experienced the frustration of setting down trimmers, losing them, and embarking on a yard-wide search before starting the process all over again!

The HTK Safety Knife is a simple, affordable, and safe solution to all your garden cutting needs. Rather than fussing with several tools, all you have to do is slip the Safety Knife over your finger (even with gloves on) and keep it there for your entire gardening day! Spend a seamless session in the yard, from a few minutes to a whole afternoon, using your Safety Knife to perform the following tasks:

  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Cutting flowers
  • Opening bags of dirt or mulch
  • Cutting garden twine 

Choose from the Original Knife, Ball Point Safety Knife, or Razor’s Edge Knife. All varieties feature a comfortable ring band, a blunt tip that protects you from the sharp underside blade, and the convenience of a cutting tool at your fingertips all day. Want to try all three? Try out the HTK Three-Pack and experiment or share with green-thumb friends! 

HTK Safety Knife makes it easier and safer to experience the many rewards of starting a garden from seed.

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