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Showing Employees You Care

February 09, 2021

Ways to Engage Your Employees and Make the Workplace A Safer and Happier Place

In the middle of a busy day on the floor, it can be easy to forget about the reality of workplace risks. Goals and deadlines need to be met, and the chances of something going wrong during a typical shift always seems slim. The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, however, shares some sobering facts about the state’s manufacturing industry:

  • Each year, approximately 18,000 employees in the manufacturing industry sustain injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims.
  • Each year, an average of 18 Ohioans in the manufacturing industry lose their lives due to occupational injuries or illnesses.
  • Approximately 15% of worker’s compensation claims result in eight or more days away from work and cost an average of $29,000 per claim.
  • Slips, trips, and falls and overexertion are the primary causes for 55% of all injuries that result in eight or more days away from work.

While a Safety Director should be concerned about these numbers, they can also feel good about the fact that they can take action to minimize risk to their workers. Prioritizing safety does not only protect workers, but help them feel valued and cared for in the workplace, which creates a positive, productive environment.

Review Your Plan

You may already have a training plan in place to educate your employees about workplace safety, but when is the last time you reviewed it? Many procedures change over time, so each process should be reviewed regularly to ensure that no safety issues slip through the cracks. Then, of course, stay up to date with the employee training itself. Make sure you address each of the following topics in your safety plan:

  • Prevention of slips and falls, including workplace cleanliness
  • Shelving safety and proper stacking
  • Fire safety/fire exits
  • Vehicle safety
  • Proper operation of equipment, such as forklifts and hydraulic lifts
  • Proper signage
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Proper use of clothing and PPE
  • Ventilation
  • First aid

Think Beyond Physical Safety

You can improve employee morale and productivity by assuring them that you care about their well-being beyond safety protocols. Provide plenty of restroom breaks and opportunities to hydrate so your workers feel comfortable. Create mentorship opportunities and abilities to advance, and assure your employees that automation is meant to help them, not replace them. Above all, invite their feedback and listen to their ideas. As the ones doing the job, they have a front-row seat to details you may miss. Taking their feedback into serious consideration not only helps them feel like a valued member of a team, but can improve productivity for everyone.

Get Big Results with Small Changes

Sometimes all it takes to transform a process and increase motivation is making a simple change that improves comfort and safety. Employees who work in a shop or warehouse often need to use a knife off and on throughout the day. Repeated use not only increases the exposure to sharp blades, but increases the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

With their unique ring style, all HTK knives emphasize safety and ease of use. The Ball Point Knife adds an additional layer of safety with a blunt rounded tip. Because the Ball Point Safety® knife has a shorter distance between the user's finger and the top of the knife, there is less chance of it catching on clothing, tools, or other items as they go about their work. Employees can also work more comfortably with a tool literally at their fingertips that’s easy to use.

Discover the right HTK blade for your crew and help keep them safe from accidental cuts and long term injuries while also boosting morale.

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