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Ring Knife Sample Packs

July 08, 2020


Makers of the Handy® Safety Knife have introduced a series of sample packs, each featuring three styles of the company’s patented safety ring knife. The sample packs have a small, medium, and large size ring knife to try. 

The steel blade hardened by heat treating makes the Handy® Safety Knife the ultimate utility knife for on the job. The curved blade design makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut themself. 

Useful in a wide range of businesses and industries— such as warehousing, packaging, and shipping/receiving—the Handy® Safety Knife is an excellent alternative to typical box cutters and utility knives.

Safety managers will want to check out the Industrial Sample Pack. 

We also have sportsmen and gardener sample packs. These are great for hunters and nursery/agriculture workers. 

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